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Welcome to caregiverconsortium.org

The Caregiver Consortium is a website for anyone in the Tucson, Arizona and Pima County area caring for a dependent older adult, whether you are a family member, friend, neighbor or professional. We hope you will find consumer-friendly information that will help direct you to the most appropriate resources and types of care for caregivers and those for whom you provide care. Our goal is to assist you and the older person receiving care to achieve and maintain the best quality of life and dignity possible throughout the caregiving experience.


What is the Caregiver Consortium?

This website contains topics and resources both in the Tucson area and nationally. This includes articles, interviews, research and current trends, and an events calendar that lists conferences, workshops, seminars and training. We also provide website links to local and national organizations that offer educational information and services to caregivers and dependent adults.